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ChoiceCenter offers a host of workshops developed for corporations and businesses looking to increase productivity, results, accountability, and teamwork among their leadership teams. Below is a list of some of ChoiceCenter's most requested workshops. A list of additional trainings is available upon request. Courses can also be customized to meet the needs of your specific organization. To request additional information on our Business services, click here or call 702.838.3988.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Developing Your EQ to Increase Business Results
Length of Workshop: 3, 4 or 5 days

Overview: ChoiceCenter's Emotional Intelligence workshops strengthen the core values and principles that are fundamental to business success by evoking and developing a leader's emotional intelligence (EQ).

EQ workshops are designed for organizations whose leaders know that people are their most important resource, and who want to invest in supporting their key employees to become balanced, effective, and fulfilled human beings. Companies whose policy is to promote from within will also find the workshops a place from which senior and middle managers come away revitalized, and connected to their personal vision and purpose. By the end of the workshop, many participants experience that they have been given a valuable gift of self-renewal. The result is a new-found sense of dedication and commitment to their careers and their organizations.

EQ workshops provide participants with a unique opportunity for increasing self-awareness, and for genuinely assessing strengths and weaknesses. Giving and receiving honest feedback from others is an important part of this process. In this supportive environment, as self-awareness grows, new possibilities open up. Instead of repeating old, unproductive patterns of behavior, people begin to make new choices. They break through self-limiting beliefs and attitudes that have been holding them back from living up to their full potential.

Over the course of the EQ workshop, there is space to communicate openly and honestly, take interpersonal risks, and look at life from fresh new perspectives. In the process, leaders experience the power of taking full responsibility and ownership for the results in their lives one of the foundations of emotional intelligence. Cynicism, skepticism, doubt, and distrust are transformed into aliveness and optimism. There is a renewed willingness to take initiative, and to participate wholeheartedly as a member of the team.

In ChoiceCenter's EQ workshop, participants are challenged to commit themselves to their own personal growth and development as a professional in their chosen field. They explore their own values, and gain certainty about what is truly important and meaningful in their lives and careers. By the end of the workshop, there is greater clarity about key goals, and the path that leads to their fulfillment.

ChoiceCenter's Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace workshops are available in three, four, or five-day formats.

Personality Intelligence: Communicating to the Four Quadrants of Personalities in your Organization
Length of Course: 4 hours to full day

Overview: The key to effectively communicating with others is to recognize their primary behavior style and then "style-flex" or "shift" your communication into the mode of style of the person you are dealing with. This training focuses on teaching participants how to maximize their communication with the four personality styles: Controller, Analyzer, Promoter and Supporter.

The trainer will facilitate participants identifying their own personality style through an interactive "vacation" experience. After learning to identify their own personality style, participants will learn the skills of listening generously to immediately identify the personality quadrant of anyone they are in front of. They will also learn how to speak to each of the four quadrants and effectively land their communication based on the other person's listening a powerful tool in developing and honing one's leadership and coaching skills.

Participants will also identify the primary behavioral style of co-workers at the conference, increasing their relationship skills going forward. Throughout this module, participants will be engaged experientially and will also be provided with take-away documents and personality matrix charts for quick reference and expanded learning post workshop.

Leader as Coach & Master Enroller: Develop Skills that Drive Results
Length of Course: 4 hours to full day

Overview: Successful leaders are master coaches and enrollers. Once a leader is clear on their vision and the company's vision, they must coach and enroll others in order to create results throughout the company.

Enrollment opens possibilities for others and has them act on those possibilities be it evoking greater sales or enrolling your employees to accomplish your company's strategic plan. Whether we realize it or not, we are always enrolling people into something (or being enrolled by them.) Participants will learn how to coach others by utilizing ChoiceCenter's Steps to Enrollment.

In this workshop, the trainer will lead the group in modeling coaching in dyads and small groups. Coaching enrollment is one of the most powerful tools your team can develop. Participants will see the value of using these skills in their personal lives, as well.

Motivation through Vision: Creating Results Road Maps for Teams
Length of Course: 4 hours to full day

Overview: Often, individuals aren't performing at their personal best simply because they aren't connected to the company's vision and how their work supports their larger personal goals. This workshop will teach participants how to clearly connect their personal vision to their work performance, and how to be directed and guided by an internal desire to create and produce their personal best in their daily roles and responsibilities. Once developed, individuals will create a road map that will have them in committed action steps to CAUSE their vision daily. This is a particularly powerful course for new managers who have often been promoted from the line level and may lack the accountability skills to create goals and coach their team to deliver them.

The course also supports employees in aligning their personal vision with the company's mission and vision. This is an important aspect of having employees experience ownership in their roles and responsibilities, and act as if the company has their name on it.

Participants will also learn how to hold themselves and co-workers accountable by sharing roadmaps and checking in on each other's results regularly. They will make declarations for what will be accomplished in between checkpoints, and then debrief what's been delivered. Participants will be coached to celebrate successes, and course correct what did or didn't work in order to adjust goals accordingly to stay on track.

Balancing Work & Life: Making the Impossible Possible
Length of Course: 4 hours to full day

Overview: In today's world, people are clear there's no such thing as balance where everything stays stationary. After all, no one lives in constant perfection, but with coaching, we can learn to balance all the responsibilities in our lives and keep our satisfaction levels elevated consistently. Individuals face responsibilities at work, at home, with their spouse and children, with leisure, health, spirituality and finance, and it can often become overwhelming to individuals. The power of this workshop is in making what seems impossible, possible for people.

This workshop supports leaders in keeping their eye on all responsibilities simultaneously while living from a position of responsibility, realizing that only they are the author of ther life. Two principles will be illustrated and explored in detail: If it's to be, it's up to me and 100% is possible 100% of the time. Participants will learn to identify when they have one or two responsibilities working on a high-level, how to turn to the neglected quadrants and elevate them. Teaching responsibility is a powerful tool in having employees increase their productivity at work and home.

The workshop will also support in relieving some of the energy people hold on the "have to's" in their lives. In making the impossible possible, the trainer will coach participants to become responsible for what works and doesn't work in their lives, and to reinvent their "have to's" into powerful, vision-driven conversations.

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