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Current Community Service Projects

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

ChoiceCenter students on Leadership Legacy teams LV1World and LVUnited have completed 7-day Giver Games to raise funds to support kids with cancer at St. Jude Children''''s Research Hospital. Their goal was $125,000. They raised $137,000.

St. Jude Children''''s Research Hospital is internationally recognized for finding cures and saving children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases. St. Jude is the first and only pediatric cancer center to be designated as a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute, and freely shares its discoveries with scientific and medical communities around the world.

St Jude is also the only pediatric cancer research center where families never pay for treatment not covered by insurance, and no child is ever denied treatment because of the family''''s inability to pay. To support the kids at St. Jude and make a tax deductible donation, click here.

LV107/108 to Raise $90,000 to Build Habitat for Humanity home

ChoiceCenter''s LV107 and LV108 Leadership teams are playing a 10-day Giver Game to raise money to build a Habitat for Humanity home for the holidays for a deserving Las Vegas family. Combined, the teams have a goal of collecting $90,000 in donations by Wednesday, Nov. 10, at 7 p.m.

Habitat for Humanity is an organization that builds simple, decent, affordable houses with the help of countless people donating time, materials and funds. Each home is sold – at no profit through a 0% interest mortgage – to working families who otherwise might be forced to live in substandard housing.

Families who receive homes contribute a minimum of 300 hours of “Sweat Equity” – meaning they help build their own house, aiding in the labor and construction of their home and the homes of other Habitat families. The monthly payment for the family’s mortgage is calculated based on what adds to approximately 30% of the family’s monthly income, making housing affordable while helping them build credit. Through this unique partnership, Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas offers a hand up, not a hand out.

Habitat for Humanity also sets families up to win by providing free life skills and homeowner education courses that support with everything from budgeting to financial planning.

Donate to Habitat for Humanity Project
The Amazing Race to Independence for Spinal Cord Recovery

ChoiceCenter’s LV105 and LV106 Leadership Legacy teams have each completed a 10-day Giver Game stretch that impacts the lives of two very special men, and creates a lifetime legacy for thousands of others. Collectively, their goal was to raise $162,500 for spinal cord research at the World Stem Cell Foundation. They exceeded their goal and raised $168,000, with more still coming in.

Garrett Tanner and Terrence Cooper are two young athletes who were paralyzed in their early twenties – Garrett while teaching young children how to do gymnastic flips, and Terrence when a friend rolled his car 12 times. Both broke their necks and are paralyzed from the chest down. Thanks to Givers around the globe, the hope is that life in their wheelchairs is not permanent.

The World Stem Cell Foundation has developed an 18-month pilot project called “The Amazing Race to Independence: The Spinal Cord Recovery Mission” that is key to realizing this vision. “The Amazing Race to Independence” is designed to expand and change the treatment of spinal cord injury patients. In collaboration with physicians, researchers, rehabilitation specialists, families, community volunteers, and supportive corporations, the learning and research advancement that will result from this project is groundbreaking, and is now funded, thanks to ChoiceCenter Leadership teams.

The project is cost effective as San Diego-based Stemedica Cell Technologies is donating two stem cell treatments for each man (a value of $108,000), and a team of professional medical and rehabilitation specialists are contributing their time to provide 18 months of physical therapy – valued at $70,000.

 As the first two of four total participants in “The Amazing Race to Independence,” all that was needed for Garrett and Terrence to make strides in recovering from their spinal cord injuries over the next year and a half was $210,000 to support costs not covered by medical insurance. ChoiceCenter''''''''''''''''s LV103 Leadership Legacy team kicked off the drive by raising $65,000 in July, and with the $168,000 raised the last two weeks by LV105 and LV106, the project is now completely funded, securing 18 months of treatment for the boys.

Garrett lives in Arizona and Terrence lives in Florida, and they will both move to San Diego before November 1st to participate in The Amazing Race to Independence. The funding raised will support such things as:
  • Room & Board for the duration of the clinical study
  • Rehabilitative equipment, ADA modification to their home
  • 24 hour staff support, including emergency backup
  • Daily transportation for participants and caregivers to medical and rehabilitation sites
  • Transportation and housing to and from the clinical study site
You can still join the effort by visiting the World Stem Cell Foundation website. A donation of $195 pays for one complete day of treatment and care for Garrett and Terrence. For more information on adult stem cells and how they are removed from the patient or another adult and used to repair damaged tissue, visit Stemedica Cell Technologies.

The Amazing Race to Independence
World Stem Cell Foundation
Leadership Students Host Senior Prom for Elderly Residents

ChoiceCenter Leadership students hosted a Senior Prom on Tuesday, June 29, for elderly residents living on government assistance at Somerset Commons in Las Vegas.

The group also delivered 20,000 donated items of food and hygiene supplies, and volunteers cut hair and applied makeup before the evening began.

The prom was a follow up to a Giver Game event earlier in the month where the items and prescription gift cards were collected in just 4 hours on a Saturday morning. Giver Game is a volunteer philanthropy project developed by the Center that is the “Amazing Race” version of charitable giving.

More than 66% of the seniors living at Somerset participate in government assistance programs, such as Section 8 housing. Somerset Commons is located on East Fremont street in Las Vegas.

Somerset Commons
7-Day Giver Game Raises $100,600 cash to Supply Water to Girls Academy in Nigeria

A group of 25 leaders from ChoiceCenter''''''''''''''''s LV100 Leadership Legacy course played a 7-day Giver Game in January 2010 to raise $78,000 to purchase a water truck and two water harvesters for a first-of-its-kind Girls Academy in Idah, Nigeria. The project was the first international community service project for ChoiceCenter since opening in 1998.

The William Kupiec Academy for Girls opened its doors in September 2009 with 35 seventh graders and will eventually enroll 400 girls. The land for the academy was donated by the leaders of 20 different African tribes. This is the first secondary school (grades 7 -12) for girls in the rural area of Idah.

In Nigeria, emphasis is placed on men receiving formal education. Young girls are left at home to spend up to 4 hours a day curing water for their families. Once men receive their education, they leave Nigeria to seek employment around the world. The leadership development skills provided to these young women will allow them to return to their communities to build businesses and enterprises and contribute to building a prosperous and secure society.

The site for the school was selected because it was believed to be located near underground wells. With four drilling attempts failing, the future of the Academy was threatened without water resources.

LV100''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s leadership team exceeded their goal of $78,000 in 7 days, collecting $100,600 the week following the Haiti earthquake. The stretch was completed on January 27, 2010.


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