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Trainings Produce Big Benefits in the Workplace
Thank you for your interest as an employer in ChoiceCenter Leadership University's Personal Development and Leadership trainings. Our students find that incorporating experiential learning into their lives dramatically increases their overall performance and achievement by creating a heightened sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in all they do. That's because ChoiceCenter trainings and personal coaching programs support participants in creating extraordinary results in all areas by teaching students how to integrate what they learn from the workshops into their personal and professional lives.

ChoiceCenter's trainings are designed to significantly and measurably enhance on-the-job performance. We recommend having a discussion with your employee prior to them entering the training to identify specific and measureable goals you want them to achieve as an outcome of the training and working with a personal coach for 100 days. As you create these benchmarks together, keep in mind our graduates report the following results from attending the training:

  • Ability to produce extraordinary results in all areas of life.
  • Less stress.
  • More effective use of time and time management creation.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Improved communication skills. (Most professionals, especially those in sales, frequently report that this translates directly into increased revenues.)
  • Increased ability to identify multiple solutions to existing challenges.
  • Enhanced personal power and ability to play team, creating win-win solutions.
  • Increased ability to deliver on personal dreams and workplace goals.
  • Willingness to be a team player to achieve desired objectives.
  • Desire to take risks and be challenged.
  • Greater job satisfaction and fulfillment in life.
  • Increased ability to produce desired results with less effort.
  • Deeper caring, not only for loved ones, also for associates and the world at large.
  • Being responsible, creating ownership, and taking responsibility for the results created on the job.
  • Integration of your company's vision and values as a motivator for creating results.
  • Initiative to lead and take charge.
The following describes in greater detail what is covered in our Personal Development and Leadership coaching programs. The 8-day Personal Development course will provide your employee with new tools for expanding their communications, relationship, team building, accountability and leadership skills, and a coach will hold them accountable to apply these learnings and achieve their goals in Leadership.

If you would like more information or to further explore the benefits and outcomes of sending your employee(s) to ChoiceCenter, please call us at (702) 838-3988. Thank you for your interest.

The Team at ChoiceCenter

Leadership Legacy and Personal Coaching
In this 100-day intensive training, your employee will receive daily personal coaching and experience translating their learning into concrete actions and extraordinary results. Just as John F. Kennedy declared a man on the moon, or Martin Luther King declared equality and voting rights, your employee will have the opportunity to bring into reality what may now seem impossible for themselves and/or your company. Through Leadership and coaching, your employee will:
  • Master the principles from which all great leaders live.
  • Expand time management skills, expand earning power, create powerful communication/relationship skills, and navigate through obstacles creating intended results.
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem.
  • Increase public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Be driven by goals verses emotions and attitudes.
  • Experience what it is to empower others to achieve.
  • Be responsible and willing to be held accountable for the results they create.
  • Enhance their creative thinking skills and see possibilities verses obstacles for achieving success.
  • Achieve personal excellence and accomplish the extraordinary in all areas of life and the workplace.
Prerequisite: Completion of the 8-day Personal Development Training; age 18+ years old.
Leadership Schedule: One 3-day weekend per month for 3 months (Friday from 6:30 p.m. to Sunday at 7 p.m.) Note the third and final weekend is an out-of-town retreat that begins at 9 a.m. on Friday.
Tuition: $3,494 includes Personal Development prerequisite course and 100 days of personal coaching in Leadership Legacy and 3-day, 2-night retreat weekend

Personal Development: Discovery and Breakthrough
(Pre-requisite to Leadership Legacy and Personal Coaching)
ChoiceCenter's Personal Development course is a 8-day training delivered in two parts called Discovery and Breakthrough. In Discovery, the student will have the opportunity to discover the underlying beliefs and views that determine their experiences and results in life. They will explore how they make decisions, perform as a leader and team player, and experience what it is like for others to be in relationship with them.

Breakthrough is an intensive, breakthrough-oriented workshop where students overcome past and present circumstances in order to create extraordinary results in business and in life. In Breakthrough, students experience letting go of belief systems that limit them and transform their relationship with fear to access their personal power. With the ability to navigate obstacles in life, they will achieve results quickly and with a positive, goal-driven attitude.

Prerequisite for Discovery & Breakthrough: 18+ years old
Discovery Schedule: One evening beginning at 6:30 p.m. (Thursday) and 3 days (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
Breakthrough Schedule: Four days Thursday through Sunday (begins at noon on Thursday)
Tuition: $3,494 includes Personal Development: Discovery & Breakthrough and 100 days of personal coaching in Leadership Legacy

For more Information
If you would like more information or to further explore the benefits and outcomes of sending your employee(s) to ChoiceCenter, please call us at (702)838-3988. To download this information in a PDF file, click the link in the sidebar on this page.

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