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ChoiceCenter's courses are about developing your Emotional Intelligence (EQ), which Harvard research says is the single biggest factor in determining your success. By enhancing your EQ skill set, you will elevate your effectiveness in everything you do personally and professionally.

Author and psychologist Daniel Goleman was the first to study the impact of Emotional Intelligence on careers, relationships and self-motivation. He proved that our emotions play a much greater role in determining individual success than IQ.  When we develop our listening, impulse control, social skills, conflict resolution, empathy and interpersonal relationship skills, we transform our results across the board – from more satisfying marriages to promotions and increased earnings in the workplace. See him explain EQ by clicking the video on this page.

ChoiceCenter's curriculum is a proven technology to develop your Emotional Intelligence at the highest level. What makes our courses so effective is the way we deliver the content and hold you accountable to apply the learning in your life.

What makes ChoiceCenter unique: Experiential Education and Accountability
Most courses we take are designed to teach us a new skill or impart new information. As a result of attending, we may add to our store of knowledge, but at a deeper level we go away unchanged. For better or worse, our lives continue the same as before. That’s because the learning in most workshops isn’t designed for long-term retention, and no one holds us accountable to use the learning.

At ChoiceCenter, we teach Emotional Intelligence through an experiential learning model – the method proven to have the greatest memory retention over your lifetime. We also hold you accountable to apply the learning in your life through a 100-day personal coaching program (Leadership Legacy) that follows our 9-day core curriculum (Personal Development: Discovery and Breakthrough).

All together, ChoiceCenter’s courses and personal coaching programs provide a powerful environment for you to elevate your Emotional Intelligence, examine the basic beliefs by which you live, and guide and forward you toward increased results.


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