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The following are written testimonials submitted by graduates. You may also view Graduate Results & Stories to watch videos and read success stories. To filter results by subject, click the pull down menu. To submit your own testimonial or result, email us.
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Leadership opened my eyes to the possibilities we create through affirmative thinking. It elevated my relationships with my children, wife, and friends to a new level and helped me realize that success in professional and personal life can coincide.

Tamir Shanel - LV32
Executive Director of Food & Beverage
Marina Bay Sands Sinapore

Ten years ago when I attended ChoiceCenter, I was successful in my professional life and hoped to gain more tools toward that end. What I received was much more powerful. I learned the importance of connecting with and empowering others, which improved both my personal and professional relationships. Today, I appreciate more fully what I have. Best of all, I am able to recognize when things aren’t working and quickly get back on track.

Ken Henderson - LV13
Chief Executive Officer
Best Agency

We have had two of our sons attend Teen Leadership. Teen leadership was a great place for them to lower their guard and open up. It gave our oldest son a safe place to come out his shell and be himself. It was so heartwarming to get a glimpse of the happy, loving open, sweet boy that is in there. Teen leadership showed him the power and strength that comes from being himself, and that he doesn’t need to cover up with a facade of a lack of interest.

For our other highly competitive son, he heard clearly for the first time how looking for “win-win” solutions can be more effective than the normal “win-lose” approach most often employed. Teen Leadership made the boys more comfortable with feeling and expressing emotions. It showed them that tolerance and patience toward others can result in friendship.

My husband and I believe the course gave them a greater awareness of themselves and others around them. Maybe most importantly for our family, it created a common language to discuss issues like personal responsibility vs. victimization (ie “the teacher hates me”) and while it does not always result in immediate change in behavior, it results in clearer communication. We have been very pleased with Teen Leadership program and recommend it to many friends and family and will continue to do so.

Lynne Carlson - LV70
Lawyer and Philanthropist
San Diego, CA

"Even though I completed the training and leadership program at ChoiceCenter nine years ago, it continues to positively impact my life. Not only did I improve my health by losing 60lbs., but I also created deep and lasting friendships that continue to this day. My entire family has been through the program which has made us closer than ever. I have also built business relationships that have helped me create the amazing career that I now enjoy."

Virginia Knudsen - LV17
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Bank of George

During my tenure as Principal of Manti High School, a relationship was created and nurtured with a student. We had many important discussions about what he wanted to create in his life. This relationship has existed for over 13 years. In January, 2008, my former student came and shared with me his experience at ChoiceCenter. He cared enough about me to share his feelings on a more personal and deeper level than ever before. I could see a miracle had happened in his life. He wanted me to go and create the life I wanted. After six months of listening to him, I enrolled.

My experience in the training was life changing. I have been empowered with tools to help me see the world through new and improved lenses. I live my life by powerful choices, while taking responsibility for all the situations that arise in my life. I have learned how to take life head on and enjoy every moment of the journey. I have finally found the peace I wanted, and created the loving relationships I was longing for.

The training was so impactful that my wife, daughter, son-in-law, and son have all attended ChoiceCenter, and more than 70 people from our County have also graduated. These people were inspired by the changes they saw in me and my family and chose to attend. One act of kindness from a former student to his former principal has created a ripple that is changing lives and gaining momentum.The ripple effect in our community continues to grow and lives are changing on an individual and family basis.

Brenan Jackon - LV86
Assistant Superintendent
South Sanpete School District - Utah


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